Judge File Date Document Title
Lastreto 5/25/2023 In re Shannon Hager, Case No. 22-12056-B-13, (Filed 05/25/2023; Amended 06/26/2023) Memorandum Ruling on Motion to Annul Stay View
Lastreto 8/26/2022 In re Sugarman v. IRZ Consulting, LLC, Adversary No. 19-1033-B, Case No. 18-11651-B-11, Gregory John te Velde (Filed 08/26/2022) Report and Recommendation on Motion for Summary Judgement View
Lastreto 6/16/2022 In re Sugarman v. IRZ Consulting, LLC, Adversary No. 19-1033-B, Case No. 18-11651-B-11, Gregory John te Velde (Filed 6/16/2022) Findings and Recommendations for De Novo Consideration Re Motion for Summary Judgement View
Lastreto 4/7/2022 In re Vokshori v. Villa, Adversary No. 20-1054-B, Case No. 20-12269-B-7, Anthony William Villa (Filed April 7, 2022) Dischargeability View
Lastreto 7/9/2021 In re Brown v. Hudson, Adversary No. 19-1128-B, Case No. 19-13374-B-7, Kenneth Ray Hudson (Filed July 9, 2021) Ruling on Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment [GEG-2] View
Lastreto 5/26/2021 Tulare Local Health Care District, Case No. 17-13797-B-9 (Filed May 26, 2021) - Ruling on Debtor's Objection to Claim 197 View
Lastreto 4/27/2021 Tulare Local Health Care District, Case No. 17-13797-B-9 (Filed April 27, 2021) - Memorandum Decision on Creditor Department of Health Care Services' Motion for Leave to File Amended Claim 197 View
Lastreto 9/30/2020 4-S Ranch Partners, LLC and Stephen William Sloan, Consolidated as to Motions for Relief from Automatic Stay only into Case No. 20-10800-B-11 (Filed September 30, 2020) - Ruling after In Camera Review View
Lastreto 9/10/2020 In re Catanzarite et al v. Lane, Adversary No. 12-1053-B, Case No. 11-63503-B-7, Frank Lane (Filed Sep 10, 2020) Ruling on Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment [CHC-1] View
Lastreto 8/3/2020 In re Jose Maclovio , Adversary No. 19-1103-B, Case No. 19-13048-B-7, Maclovio v. Brewer (Filed August 3, 2020) Ruling on Defendant's Motion to Quash Plaintiff's Subpoena View
Lastreto 7/15/2020 Gregory John te Velde, Case No. 18-11651-B-11 (Filed July 15, 2020) - Ruling on Motion for Leave to File Class Claim View
Lastreto 6/8/2020 In re Johnny Gonzales , Adversary No. 20-1018-B, Case No. 19-14170-B-7, Gonzales v. Mid Valley Services, Inc. (Filed June 8, 2020) View
Lastreto 4/14/2020 Alejandro Cervantes, Case No. 18-10306-B-13 (Filed April 14, 2020) - Order to Show Cause Why Fees Should Not Be Deemed Excessive Under 11 U.S.C. Section 329(b) View
Lastreto 3/31/2020 Alejandro Cervantes, Case No. 18-10306-B-13 (Filed March 31, 2020) - Ruling on Chapter 13 Trustee's Objections to Attorney Fee Compensation View
Lastreto 12/5/2019 3MB, LLC, Case No. 18-14663-B-11 (Filed December 5, 2019) - Objection to Allowance of Claim [LKW-10] View
Lastreto 11/22/2019 Christopher A. Milauckas and Laurie Milauckas, Case No. 19-12388-B-13 (Filed November 22, 2019) - Motion to Value Collateral [DRJ-2] View
Lastreto 10/24/2019 In re Pace Diversified Corporation, Adversary No. 18-1006-B, Case No. 17-11028-B-11, Pace Diversified Corp. v. MacPherson Oil Co. (Filed October 24, 2019) View
Lastreto 10/10/2019 Javier Gonzalez, Case No. 18-14689-B-7 (Filed October 10, 2019) - Motion to Compel Responses to Discovery Requests [FW-5] View
Lastreto 10/2/2019 Coalinga Regional Medical Center, Case No. 18-13677-B-9 (Filed October 2, 2019) - Motion to Vacate Appointment of Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors [WW-14] View
Lastreto 8/21/2019 Teofilo Rodriguez and Christy Rodriguez, Case No. 19-11512-B-13 (Filed August 21, 2019) - Objection to Confirmation of Plan [MHM-3] View
Lastreto 3/27/2019 In re Langston v. Internal Revenue Service, Adversary No. 17-1044-B, Case No. 17-10236-B-13, Paul Dayton Langston and Kathleen Louise Langston v. Internal Revenue Service (Filed March 27, 2019) View
Lastreto 11/29/2018 Greggory Ryan Kirkpatrick, Case No. 17-11570-B-13 (Filed November 29, 2018) - Objection to Claim [MHG-1] View
Lastreto 8/23/2018 Ethan Nicolas Aparicio, Case No. 18-11570-B-13 (Filed August 23, 2018) - Motion to Dismiss [MHM-2] View
Lastreto 7/5/2018 In re Peterson, Adversary No. 17-1016-B, Case No. 17-10245-B-13, Susan P. Peterson v. Michael Lloyd Lusk (Filed July 5, 2018) View
Lastreto 2/12/2018 Loraine Goodwin Miller, Case No. 16-12687-B-7 (Filed February 12, 2018) - Objection to Debtor's Claim of Exemptions View
Lastreto 9/26/2017 Ellyn D. Lopez, Case No. 16-11072-B-13 (Filed August 30, 2017) - Objection to Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan View
Lastreto 6/7/2017 In re Dores, Case No. 16-10169, DC No. AMM-2 (June 7, 2017) - motion to dismiss case View
Lastreto 12/8/2016 Michael Weilert and Genevieve M. de Montremare, Case No. 13-16155, DC No. MCW-1 (December 8, 2016) - motion to disqualify special counsel View
Lastreto 1/28/2016 In re Leonis, Case No. 12-15487, DC No. TGM-1 (January 28, 2016) - application for compensation View