Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program

As an alternative to the formal litigation of disputes in bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings, the judges of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California have adopted the Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program (BDRP). The BDRP, established by General Order 95-1, allows participants to take advantage of and utilize a wide variety of alternative dispute resolution methods including, but not limited to, mediation, negotiation, early neutral evaluation and settlement facilitation.

Unless otherwise ordered by the judge handling the particular matter, all adversary proceedings, contested matters, and other disputes in Eastern District of California bankruptcy cases are eligible for referral to the BDRP except matters involving:

  • Employment and compensation of professionals;
  • Compensation of trustees and examiners;
  • Objections to discharge under 11 U.S.C. §727, except where such objections are joined with disputes over dischargeability of debts under 11 U.S.C. §523; and
  • Contempt or other types of sanctions.

Parties have the primary responsibility for initiating employment of the BDRP and elect to do so by submitting a proposed form order (EDC 6-610) to the Court. In the proposed order, the parties specify the name of the Resolution Advocate they have selected to mediate the matter in dispute.

Questions concerning BDRP procedures should be directed to the BDRP staff assistant in your area.

  • Sacramento Division: Kelly Villere (916) 930-4402
  • For Fresno Division: Vicky McKinney (559) 499-5824
  • For Modesto Division: Michelle Peterson (209) 521-6899

Lists of Available Resolution Advocates

BDRP General Orders and Exhibits

Application to Serve as a Panelist

  • EDC 003-010  Application to Serve as a Member of the Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program Panel (General Order 95-1 -- Exhibit A) (New 5/95)
  • EDC 006-610  Order Appointing Resolution Advocate and Assignment to the Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program (General Order 95-1 and 00-3 -- Exhibit B) (Rev. 5/00)
Mail Completed Forms To:
Debbie Chavez
US Bankruptcy Court
2500 Tulare Street Suite 2501
Fresno, CA 93721