Attorneys are required to use the court’s CAEB e-Filing System to electronically file most documents, including proofs of claim filed by the debtor or trustee. All other claims must be filed through CM/ECF or our electronic claims program. Installment payments cannot be made through the CAEB e-Filing System.

  • You must complete the Online Computer-Based Training and have an individual PACER account. For e-Filing privileges, register through PACER at to receive a login and password.
  • To change your address, phone number, and or e-mail addresses, log in to PACER and under My Account, click on Manage My Account Login. Click here for instructions.
  • Pursuant to the Terms of Use in the CAEB e-Filing User Agreement, attorneys can have only one e-Filing account.

Before You File

After e-Filing

  • If you are unable to view your free-look, someone in your office may have already viewed the document or you are attempting to use your e-Filing password instead of your PACER password.
  • Information regarding the submission of your e-Filed document can be found in your e-Filing history. If you have accidentally closed your confirmation screen without printing the confirmation, there is no way to retrieve or print that screen now