Electronic Claims

File a Proof of Claim in 1 of 3 systems. If you are a:

  • Creditors who do not have a CM/ECF log in and password, use the Electronic Proofs of Claim Program. A Proof of Claim form will be automatically created from the data you enter. Supplemental documentation to the claim may be attached, however, please do not attach any additional Proofs of Claim forms. Additionally, to file an Amended Proof of Claim or a Notice of Withdrawal of Claim, click here.
  • Creditors who have a CM/ECF log in and password, use CM/ECF to file Proofs of Claim and Amended Proofs of Claim in PDF format. To file a Notice of Withdrawal of Claim in PDF format, use the e-Filing System.
  • Debtors or trustees filing a proof of claim on behalf of a creditor, use the e-Filing System.
  • Creditors who wish to print a Proof of Claim form (Official Form 410) and file it in person at any of the Bankruptcy Court’s intake counters or through the mail, click here. To receive an endorsed copy of your Proof of Claim at the intake counter, please provide the original Proof of Claim form and a photocopy. If you are filing your Proof of Claim form through the mail, enclose a photocopy along with your original Proof of Claim form and a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

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