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What's New

7/29/2014 The format for requesting certified copies has changed. EDC form #1-200 has been created and posted to the court's website to streamline and expedite certified copy requests. Click here to view the form. The procedure for uploading the form remains the same. For instruction on how to upload your request through the eCalWebFiling website, click here to access the Guidelines for the Electronic Submission of Certified Copy Requests.

Questions concerning this change can be directed to the eFiling Help Desk at 855-542-0992.
5/13/2014 Due to popular request, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court would like to announce our new Pre-Hearing Dispositions Archive page. The purpose of this page is to allow users the ability to search for past pre-hearing dispositions.

To access this new page, click the Pre-Hearing Dispositions link from the court's homepage. Once there, click the Pre-Hearing Disposition Archive tab and enter the year and Judge for the pre-hearing disposition you are interested in. You will be able to search as far back as July 2013.

Questions concerning this feature can be directed to the eFiling Help Desk at 855-542-0992.
5/12/2014 Effective June 1, 2014, fees for filing new cases and/or certain documents will increase. Please see the attached documentation for more information concerning this change. Additionally, any forms that make reference to fees set to increase will also be modified and made available for use on said date.

Questions concerning this change should be directed to the eFiling Help Desk at 855-542-0992.
3/14/2014 Beginning March 19, 2014, creditors will have the ability to withdraw their previously filed proof of claim using a direct link. The link will enable creditors to file their withdrawal with the court without the use of a username and password. Access to this link will be located on the court’s homepage under "Electronic Claims." Once uploaded, the document will link to the proof of claim being withdrawn as well as appear on the case docket. Only documents submitted in pdf format will be accepted. Notice of the filing will be electronically mailed to all registered attorney and trustee parties associated with the case.

Questions concerning this information should be directed to the help desk at 855-542-0992.
2/28/2014 Effective 2/27/14, EDC 007-025 Application By Trustee Or Debtor in Possession To Defer Payment of Fee For Filing Complaint, will no longer have an order incorporated into the form. The Clerk’s Office will generate the order upon opening the Adversary Proceeding.

Trustees or Debtors-In-Possession who wish to defer the filing fee in an Adversary Proceeding should continue to submit the Application By Trustee Or Debtor in Possession To Defer Payment of Fee For Filing Complaint without an order at the time of filing the Complaint.

Form EDC 007-025 is available at under Forms and Publications.
11/19/2013 Effective December 1, 2013, amended Fed. R. Bankr. P. 1007(b)(7) will give an individual debtor the option of having an approved personal financial management course provider notify the court directly that the debtor has completed a post-petition instructional course concerning personal financial management. To directly notify a bankruptcy court of a debtor’s course completion, an approved course provider will file a personal financial management course certificate with the court. Approved course providers will need to register as CM/ECF limited filers in each bankruptcy court where they are filing certificates.  

Questions concerning the subject matter above should be directed to the eFiling Help Desk at 855-542-0992.
11/5/2013 December 1, 2013 Fee, Form, and Rule Changes
9/30/2013 Beginning October 1, 2013, a new Online Master Address List program will assist debtors not represented by an attorney, or whose petitions are prepared by a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer with preparing a Master Address List for paper submission in the correct format.  The program is available through a link under the Information for Debtors heading on the court's website homepage at

Guidelines for Preparation of Master Address Lists have been revised to include the new online program information and to remove information regarding diskettes, CD Roms and additions of creditors to master address lists already filed with the Clerk's office.  Information regarding additions of creditors to master address lists already filed with the Clerk's office is available through a link under the Court Information heading on the courts' website homepage at www.

Verification of Master Address List has been revised to remove the 'specific format' check boxes.

Both EDC Form 2-190, Guidelines for Preparation of Master Address Lists, and EDC Form 2-100, Verification of Master Address List, have been posted on the court's website and are effective October 1, 2013.
9/25/2013 The U.S. Marshal service has informed the bankruptcy court that temporary staffing vacancies preclude adequate security for the Bakersfield Bankruptcy Court.  The situation is likely to persist for several months. Effective immediately, all Bakersfield bankruptcy matters will be heard in the Bakersfield Federal Courthouse, 510 19th Street, Bakersfield, California or in the Fresno U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  Please consult the posted calendar or the pre-hearing disposition calendar to determine where the hearings for that day will be held. 
(Judge Lee's Bakersfield calendars October 2nd  October 3rd) (Judge Clement's Bakersfield calendar September 26th)

341 Meeting Calendar

Beginning 8/23/13 the Court will begin providing easier access to the 341 meeting calendar through a link under the Calendar Information heading on our website home page. This will enable quicker and more direct access to the 341 meeting calendars without the need for a PACER account. The information is updated daily.
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