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12/21/2014 Delegation of Authority to the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court and his Deputies
12/21/2014 General Order Re: Chapter 7 Trustee Fees
11/7/2014 Effective December 1, 2014, fees for filing certain documents will increase. Additionally, a new fee will be assessed for filing a Motion to Redact a Record. Please click here for more information concerning these changes.

Some forms are also expected to be updated December 1, 2014. Please click here to see the list of Pending Changes in the Bankruptcy Forms.

Information regarding rule changes can be found by clicking here

Questions concerning these changes can be directed to the eFiling Help Desk at 855-542-0992.
10/8/2014 Status of General Orders Superseded By Adoption of Local Bankruptcy Rules
10/8/2014 Issuance of Orders to Show Cause for Failure to Pay Filing or Installment Fees
10/8/2014 Supersession of General Order 10-02, Adoption of Employee Dispute Resolution Plan as Modified November 6, 2010
10/1/2014 Effective October 1st, e-Filing Training in the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court will be available via Captivate Modules and will replace the WebEx classes currently being offered. These training modules are designed for quick, anytime use and are intended to assist new and experienced e-filers with their training and filing needs. We will continue to create and post more modules as deemed necessary. Click here to be directed to the Training Modules page to view the new modules.

Questions concerning e-Filing Training can be directed to the help desk at 855-542-0992.
9/26/2014 Click here to view the newest edition of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court's Quarterly Newsletter.

Questions concerning this newsletter should be directed to the eFiling Help Desk at 855-542-0992.
9/18/2014 Effective December 2014, Judge W. Richard Lee, Dept. B, Fresno Division, will no longer have a self-set calendar in Bakersfield for chapters 9, 11 and 12 matters originating in Kern and Inyo Counties. Hearings will be set in Bakersfield by special setting for cause only. All general chapters 9, 11 and 12 matters should otherwise be self-set for hearing on the Fresno calendar.
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