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Lastreto8/21/2019Teofilo Rodriguez and Christy Rodriguez, Case No. 19-11512-B-13 (Filed August 21, 2019) - Objection to Confirmation of Plan [MHM-3]View
Clement7/1/2019In re Brady 19-10640-A-13 MemorandumView
Sargis6/24/2019In re Abreamson, 18-90258, Order Avoiding Lien View
Sargis6/18/2019In re Bonilla, 19-202, Order To Open a Bankruptcy File for Steven Wayne Bonilla, Assignment of Miscellanious File Number, and Scheduling of Supplemental Pleadings to be Filed by Mr. BonillaView
Sargis5/24/2019In re Abreamson, 18-90258, Supplemental Memorandum Opinion and Decision to Ruling State on Record Granting Debtor's Amended Motion to Avoid Judicial Lien of Helen McAbeeView
Sargis5/15/2019In re Garcia, 17-27360-E-13., PGM-1, Memorandum Opinion and Decision Sustaining Objection To Notice Of Mortgage Payment ChangeView
Lastreto3/27/2019In re Langston v. Internal Revenue Service, Adversary No. 17-1044-B, Case No. 17-10236-B-13, Paul Dayton Langston and Kathleen Louise Langston v. Internal Revenue Service (Filed March 27, 2019)View
Sargis3/1/2019In re Mathew Borre, 17-24543O, WW-2, Memorandum Opinion and Decision Sustaining Objection To Claim and Awarding Attorney's FeesView
Sargis2/2/2019In Re P&M Samra Land Investments, 15-29136, 696, SUPPLEMENTAL MEMORANDUM OPINION AND DECISIONView
Clement12/11/2018In re Morrow, 08-13656; Adv. No. 18-1086 - re jurisdiction View
Sargis12/7/2018In Re Nadia Kostyuk, Case No, 18-27039-E-13,Dckt. 11, Memorandum Opinion and Decision For Final Order Imposing Automatic Stay Pursuant To 11 U.S.C. § 362(c)(4)(B) For All Parties, Excluding BBV Profit Sharing Plan View
Lastreto11/29/2018Greggory Ryan Kirkpatrick, Case No. 17-11570-B-13 (Filed November 29, 2018) - Objection to Claim [MHG-1]View
Clement9/12/2018In re Gregory John te Velde, 18-11651-A-11, DC No. UST-2 motion to appointment trustee or dismiss case View
Klein9/6/2018Reddy, M.D. v. Reddy et al.View
Clement8/23/2018In re te Velde, 18-11651, te Velde v. Rabobank, N.A., at el, Adv. No. 18-1030 - Agricultural Services Lien (bifurcated trial)View