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Bardwil9/21/2016In re Zarakani, Case No. 15-20600-D-11, Decision on Motion for Administrative Expense Dated September 21, 2016View
Bardwil7/15/2016In re Mayfield, Case No. 16-22134-D-7, memorandum decision granting motion for sanctions re DocuSign issue.View
Bardwil6/21/2016In re Pomeroy, No. 15-26465, Memorandum Decision overruling objection to exemptionView
Bardwil9/10/2015McFarland v. General Electric Capital Corp. (In Re International Manufacturing Group, Inc.), Adv. Proc. No. 15-2130, Decision on Motion to Dismiss, September 10, 2015View
Bardwil4/22/2015Burkart v. Bisessar, (In re Singh) Case No. 10-42050, Adv. Pro. No. 12-2312, Memorandum Decision (April 22, 2015) View
Bardwil2/11/2013Zurich v. Scott (In re Scott) Case No. 11-35381, Adv. Pro. No. 11-2656 and Zurich v. Scott (In re Scott) Case No. 11-36226, Adv. Pro. No. 11-2662, Memorandum Decision (February 11, 2013) View
Bardwil11/6/2012Sundance Self Storage-El Dorado LP, Case No. 10-36676-D-7, Memorandum Decision on Court's Order to Show Cause, November 6, 2012View
Bardwil4/12/2012In re Sundance Self Storage - El Dorado LP, 10-36676-D-11, CAH-26, FDS-6, April 12, 2012View
Bardwil3/8/2012In re Leasure, 11-24447-D-13, March 8, 2012 View
Bardwil2/6/2012In re Westwood, Case No. 11-22755-D, Memorandum Decision on MLG-7, February 6, 2012View
Bardwil1/19/2012In re Langfield, Case No. 11-28853-D-7, DNL-2, January 19, 2012View
Bardwil1/19/2012In re Langfield, Case No. 11-28853-D-7, DNL-3, January 19, 2012View
Bardwil1/12/2012Board of Trustees v. Bos (In re Bos)11-24987-D, 11-2390-D, DNL-1, January 12, 2012View
Bardwil1/3/2012Swanson v. Moore (In Re Moore) 10-37374, 11-2022, DCN DMR 7&8View
Bardwil5/26/2011Ireva Holdings v. Conservation Endowment Fund, In re Ireva Holdings, LLC, 09-48102-D-11, 10-2535-D, HSM-1View