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Jaime6/1/2017In re Trina Gold, No. 15-20800-B-7, Memorandum and OrderView
Jaime6/1/2017Odell v. Cathcart (In re Cathcart), Adv. No. 15-2034, Decision After TrialView
Jaime6/1/2017In re Mansouri, No. 11-27847-B-13, Order Granting Motion for Hardship Discharge and Denying Motion to DismissView
Jaime6/1/2017Glass v. Brown (In re Brown), Adv. No. 17-2004, Order (1) Granting Motion to Dismiss; and (2) Granting in Part and Denying in Part Request for Judicial NoticeView
Jaime6/1/2017Biama v. Brown (In re Brown), Adv. No. 16-2132, Supplemental Order Denying Motion for Reconsideration without PrejudiceView
Jaime8/12/2016In re Swartout, No. 14-22173-B-13, Memorandum Decision and Order Denying Motion for Stay Pending AppealView
Jaime8/12/2016In re Rath, No. 16-21574-B-13, Supplemental Order Denying Motion for ReconsiderationView
Jaime8/12/2016Cardenas v.Shannon (In re Shannon), BAP Nos. AZ-14-1497/15-1040, OpinionView
Jaime5/10/2016Hopper v. Lewis (In re Desiree Rebecca Lewis), Adv. No. 14-2126, Decision After Trial View
Jaime5/10/2016Esplanade Enterprises, Inc. v. Miceli (In re Horne), Adv. No. 15-2002, Memorandum Decision After TrialView
Jaime3/2/2016In re Angela Denise Ferreira, No. 15-27642-B-7, Memorandum Decision on Motion of the United States Trustee to Dismiss CaseView
Jaime1/13/2016In re Acevedo, No. 15-27861, Order Granting Wells Fargo Bank's Motion for Relief from Automatic StayView
Jaime1/5/2016In re Adkins, No. 15-22784, Memorandum Decision Denying Tri Counties Bank's Motion for ReconsiderationView
Jaime12/2/2015Mayer v. Wells Fargo Bank, Adv. No. 15-2154, Order Granting Defendant's Motion for Summary JudgmentView
Jaime12/2/2015Rich, Fuidge, Morris and Lane v. Duterte, Adv. No. 15-2083, Order Dismissing Adversary Proceeding for Lack of Standing and Denying Motion for Summary Judgment as MootView