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Clement7/1/2019In re Brady 19-10640-A-13 MemorandumView
Clement12/11/2018In re Morrow, 08-13656; Adv. No. 18-1086 - re jurisdiction View
Clement9/12/2018In re Gregory John te Velde, 18-11651-A-11, DC No. UST-2 motion to appointment trustee or dismiss case View
Clement8/23/2018In re te Velde, 18-11651, te Velde v. Rabobank, N.A., at el, Adv. No. 18-1030 - Agricultural Services Lien (bifurcated trial)View
Clement3/28/2018In re Oakhurst Lodge, Inc., Case No. 11-17165-A-11, DC No. AMJ-3 - confirmed plan binds/violation of automatic stay View
Clement3/8/2018In re Don Rose Oil, Inc., Case No. 17-12389-A-11, LAK-4, re extension of effective date of order converting case to chapter 7 View
Clement1/2/2018In re Hutchinson, Case No. 17-12272; Hutchinson v. United States of America and James E. Salven, Adv. No. 17-1076 - if the trustee avoids tax liens for fines, penalties, or forfeitures, for whose benefit is the lien avoidedView
Clement10/12/2017In re Barcelos, Case No. 11-14278-A-12; Manuel F. Barcelos v. United States of America, Adv. No. 16-1057, DC Nos. WW-1 and US-2, failure to exhaust administrative remedies/sovereign immunity not waived/court deprived of jurisdictionView
Clement3/24/2017In re Javahery, BAP No. CC-16-1195-CTaF, Memorandum re Sec. 523(2) and (6) summary judgment. View
Clement2/15/2017In re Wilkins, Case No. 16-11025-A-13, DC No. MHM-3, re inclusion of unsecured portions of undersecured automobile claims for eligibility purposes under sec. 109(e) View
Clement3/14/2016In re Corbett, Case No. 08-10861; California Correctional Peace Officers Association Benefit Trust Fund v. Corbett, Adv. No. 14-1089; DC No. MAS-3 - whether CCPOA lien attached to workers' compensation claim and in rem rights against post-petition awardView
Clement1/15/2016In re Rich, #15-12089-A-7, DC No. TCS-1 - deferment of entry of discharge View
Clement11/6/2015In re Hurtado, Case No. 09-16160; Jones v. Hurtado, Adv. No. 11-1102 - motion for recovery of attorney's feesView
Clement10/19/2015In re Juan Enrique HurtadoView
Clement9/30/2015In re Shaver Lakewoods Development, Inc., Case No. 11-62509; Parker v. Gaines, Adv. No. 14-1076 - taxing costsView