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Clement9/25/2014In re Moore, Case No. 12-10802; Moore v. Moore, Adv. No. 12-1135 - motion to amend a final judgmentView
Clement7/18/2014In re Moore, Case No. 12-10802; Moore v. Moore, Adv. No. 12-1135 - 523(a)(4) judgment re distributions from trustView
Clement6/5/2014In re Ketscher, Case No. 12-17088 - denying motion to reopen chapter 7 to allow debtors to attack post-petition foreclosure where court has no jurisdiction and there is no benefit for bankruptcy estateView
Clement5/28/2014In re Mize, Case No. 13-14894; DC No. RAF-12 - awarding attorney fees in chapter 11 in a reduced amountView
Clement4/10/2014In re Maxwell, Case No. 13-13383-A-13, Adv. No. 13-1070 - trust funds and defalcationView
Clement3/18/2014In re Michael S. Walker, Case No. 12-10855-A-7; Westamerica Bank v. Walker, Adv. No. 12-1084 - false oaths under 727(a)(4)(A) View
Clement3/10/2014In re Deaunna Cathleen Grant, Case No. 12-19109-A-7, DC No. DRJ-1 - Opinion re fees for attorney who was not employed by the estateView
Clement3/4/2014In re Jose and Laudelina Azevedo, Case No. 09-12615-A-7, DC No. TOG-4 - Opinion regarding contempt for discharge violationView
Clement9/12/2013In re Hummer Transportation, Inc., Case No. 11-60663-A-7; DC Nos. RHT-2 and RHT-3 - Memorandum Opinion re employment of special counselView
Clement9/12/2013In re Wide West Services, LLC., Case No. 13-12551-A-11F; DC Nos. HWL-1 and HWL-3 - Memorandum Opinion re motion to dismiss, convert, and excuse receiverView
Clement8/28/2013In re LeRoy Edward Green and Kristie Johnson Green, Case No. 12-17945-A-7, DC No. BCS-7 - Memorandum Decision Regarding Chapter 13 Fee Application with excessive feesView
Clement8/7/2013In re FL.Invest.USA Inc., Case No. 13-10814-A-11, DC No. DMG-2 - Memorandum Decision Regarding Motion to Dismiss (Lack of Good Faith)View
Clement2/14/2013In re Steven Griffin and Cindy Russell, Case No. 11-16272-A-7; Carter v. Griffin, Adv. 11-1218 - Memorandum Decision Regarding Section 523(a)(5) and (15)View
Clement2/14/2013In re Michael and Feliza Letourneau, Case No. 12-12204-A-13, DC No. KDG-5 - Memorandum Decision Regarding Second Interim Applicatiaon for CompensationView
Clement11/26/2012In re Alvin and Robyn Souza, dba Alvin Souza Dairy, Case No. 12-13341-A-11, DC No. JHA-2 - Memorandum Decision Regarding Motion for Stay ReliefView