Today is: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Open House

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California held informational Open Houses in October 2016. The purpose of the Open Houses was to strengthen the partnership between the Clerk’s Office and our e-filing customers. The Open Houses benefitted the Clerk’s Office by heightening attorneys’ awareness of court procedures, increasing communication between the court and the bar, and improving the e-filers’ understanding of court procedures.


We received a request for a link to the presentation, and are including it above in pdf format.

Questions from the Open Houses

We received several questions at the Open Houses that required some follow up research. Here are the questions, along with responses to them. We will update the responses as more information becomes available.

1. Can the Clerk’s Office send out two copies of the Debtor’s 11 U.S.C. § Certificate in joint Chapter 13 cases that have been completed OR can the form be modified to include two signature lines?

EDC Form 3-190 has been updated to accommodate joint debtors and is available under Forms and Publications.

2. Can the Final Decree be served on the debtor’s attorney?

The Clerk’s Office is not required to serve the Final Decree on parties other than the trustee, and to do so would be costly. However, attorneys who e-file will receive electronic notification of the Final Decree and will be able to view it as a “free look.”

3. Can attorneys receive electronic notification when a new or updated Self-Set Calendar is posted to the website?

The Clerk’s Office is currently determining whether this would be feasible.

4. Can the court provide a resource that advises what the preferred order of documents should be for the petition?

The court will accept the petition documents in any order.

5. Can the filing statistics be provided?

Case filing statistics are currently available under Case Filing Statistics and Reports, which is located on the Attorney home page.

6. Can the Department of Education address be corrected on the Roster of Governmental Agencies?

The address has been corrected on the Roster of Govermental Agencies (EDC Form 2-785).

7. Is the correct e-mail address for service displaying on the Roster of e-Filers Consenting to Electronic Service?

Yes, the correct e-mail is displaying.

8. Can the process for Amended Schedules be changed to make it easier to e-file them?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to simplify this process and retain the ability to have added or modified creditors download into our system at this time.

9. Will there be more trustee docketing events in the future.

At this time, there are no plans for additional trustee docketing.

10. Can the Court provide a list of case managers and their e-mail addresses for e-filers?

Because work is distributed on a daily basis, and it is always possible for a case manager to be away from his or her desk, we believe that e-filers will receive the best customer service if they contact the main phone number for the division in which the case number is filed. Any case manager who answers the phone should be able to answer case specific questions, or direct the caller to the appropriate resource.

11. The towns of Chester and Westwood share a zip code, but one is in Sutter County and one is in Lassen County. Can the system differentiate between the two for batching cases and/or can the system be corrected to differentiate between the two?

We suggest using the post office website at to determine which zip code to use in these instances. The post office lists different zip codes for the two towns mentioned (96020 for Chester and 96137 for Westwood).