Today is: Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bakersfield Hearing Location


510 19th Street

Bakersfield, California

Although there is a bankruptcy court in Bakersfield where bankruptcy hearings are periodically held, there is no staffed Clerk's Office in Bakersfield. Do not send mail to the above. All documents are filed in the Fresno Division Office.

The U.S. Marshal service has informed the bankruptcy court that temporary staffing vacancies preclude adequate security for the Bakersfield Bankruptcy Court. The situation is likely to persist for several months. Effective immediately, all Bakersfield bankruptcy matters will be heard in the Bakersfield Federal Courthouse, 510 19th Street, Bakersfield, California or in the Fresno U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Please consult the posted calendar or the predisposition calendar to determine where the hearings for that day will be held. (Judge Lee's current calendars October 2nd   October 3rd) (Judge Clement's Bakersfield calendar September 26th)