Today is: Tuesday, August 11, 2020

341 Meeting Calendar

The United States Trustee Program has mandated that section 341 meetings for all cases filed through October 10, 2020, be held telephonically or by other alternative means.
If you received a notice that your 341 Meeting of Creditors will be held by telephone, click here to see how to join your meeting remotely.

You will need to find the name of the trustee on the notice that was sent to you to find the correct contact information.

Meeting DateTrusteeLocation 
08/11/2020Geoffrey RichardsTelephonic / VideoView
08/12/2020Hank SpaconeTelephonic / VideoView
08/12/2020J. Michael HopperTelephonic / VideoView
08/12/2020Nikki B. FarrisTelephonic / VideoView
08/12/2020Russell D. GreerTelephonic / VideoView
08/12/2020Susan K. SmithTelephonic / VideoView
08/13/2020David CusickTelephonic / VideoView
08/13/2020David M. SousaTelephonic / VideoView
08/13/2020Michael MeyerTelephonic / VideoView
08/13/2020Russell D. GreerTelephonic / VideoView
08/14/2020Kimberly J. HustedTelephonic / VideoView
08/18/2020Michael D. McgranahanTelephonic / VideoView
08/18/2020Michael H. MeyerTelephonic / VideoView
08/19/2020Alan S. FukushimaTelephonic / VideoView
08/19/2020Sheri L. CarelloTelephonic / VideoView
08/20/2020David CusickTelephonic / VideoView
08/20/2020David M. SousaTelephonic / VideoView
08/20/2020Gary FarrarTelephonic / VideoView
08/20/2020Michael MeyerTelephonic / VideoView
08/20/2020Michael H. MeyerTelephonic / VideoView
08/21/2020David M. SousaTelephonic / VideoView
08/21/2020Jeffrey M. VetterTelephonic / VideoView
08/21/2020Peter L. FearTelephonic / VideoView
08/24/2020David M. SousaTelephonic / VideoView
08/24/2020Peter L. FearTelephonic / VideoView
08/24/2020Sheri L. CarelloTelephonic / VideoView
08/25/2020Geoffrey RichardsTelephonic / VideoView
08/25/2020James Edward SalvenTelephonic / VideoView
08/25/2020Michael H. MeyerTelephonic / VideoView
08/26/2020Hank SpaconeTelephonic / VideoView
08/26/2020J. Michael HopperTelephonic / VideoView
08/26/2020Russell D. GreerTelephonic / VideoView
08/26/2020Susan K. SmithTelephonic / VideoView
08/27/2020Russell D. GreerTelephonic / VideoView
08/28/2020Kimberly J. HustedTelephonic / VideoView
08/31/2020Eric J. NimsTelephonic / VideoView
08/31/2020Sheri L. CarelloTelephonic / VideoView
09/01/2020Geoffrey RichardsTelephonic / VideoView
09/01/2020Michael D. McgranahanTelephonic / VideoView
09/01/2020Michael H. MeyerTelephonic / VideoView
09/02/2020David M. SousaTelephonic / VideoView
09/03/2020David CusickTelephonic / VideoView
09/03/2020David M. SousaTelephonic / VideoView
09/03/2020Gary FarrarTelephonic / VideoView
09/03/2020James Edward SalvenTelephonic / VideoView
09/08/2020Geoffrey RichardsTelephonic / VideoView
09/09/2020Hank SpaconeTelephonic / VideoView
09/09/2020J. Michael HopperTelephonic / VideoView
09/09/2020Lisa A. HolderTelephonic / VideoView
09/09/2020Nikki B. FarrisTelephonic / VideoView
09/09/2020Susan K. SmithTelephonic / VideoView
09/10/2020David CusickTelephonic / VideoView
09/10/2020David M. SousaTelephonic / VideoView
09/10/2020James Edward SalvenTelephonic / VideoView
09/11/2020Jeffrey M. VetterTelephonic / VideoView
09/11/2020Kimberly J. HustedTelephonic / VideoView
09/14/2020Irma EdmondsTelephonic / VideoView
09/15/2020Michael D. McgranahanTelephonic / VideoView
09/16/2020Sheri L. CarelloTelephonic / VideoView
09/17/2020David CusickTelephonic / VideoView
09/17/2020Gary FarrarTelephonic / VideoView
09/23/2020Alan S. FukushimaTelephonic / VideoView
09/25/2020Jeffrey M. VetterTelephonic / VideoView
09/28/2020Peter L. FearTelephonic / VideoView
10/01/2020Gary FarrarTelephonic / VideoView
10/09/2020Jeffrey M. VetterTelephonic / VideoView